Casement Windows simply have sashes that open hinges that use friction to keep them open in the position you chose. Because this type of window opens out & has a rebated sash which lips over the outerframe they offer superb protection against the wind & rain. They can be used to replicate any popular style of timber window with sashes that can open from the side or bottom.


Tilt & Turn Windows allow the largest possible glass area. They are Characterised by the fact that they open into your house. This can be useful if you have limited clearance outside & they are very easy to keep clean as even the outside of the glass can be washed easily from inside the room. Using a clever hinge & locking arrangement you can either open the top of the sash at a fixed angle to allow ventilation or you can open it from the side giving maximum possible aperture to let in as much fresh air & light as possible. Be careful to consider your available space inside, as a big tilt & turn window can take up quite a bit of space in a small room.

We will help you design the style best suited to your property, this could be simply copying the existing window or maybe something a little different.







Casement windows come with a special type of hinge referred to as a ‘friction stay’. These clever hinges allow you to effortlessly open the window to your chosen position, once there the geometry of the hinge and friction combine to keep it in place without fear of it being caught by the wind and blown back.

There are certain legal requirements relating to your safety in the unlikely event of a fire and we may have to fit special hinges in some rooms to allow the window to be used as an emergency exit. This requirement may also mean that some windows have to be a minimum width, it is our responsibility to advise you where this is the case. You may want to have our ‘easy clean’ hinge fitted. This clever option allows you to slide the open window to one side so that you can safely clean the outside withoutclimbing a ladder. These have the added benefit of opening to almost 90o giving an unobstructed view from your room.

There are also restrictor hinges that may be appropriate for a child’s room or a low window where there could be a risk of someone falling.






Once your new windows are installed, the component you will touch and operate most often will be the will want them to be pleasing to both touch and look at, they must compliment the feel of your décor and above all they must function perfectly time after time. We believe that the window handles offer the very best combination of functionality and aesthetic appeal that when gripping the handle your knuckles are a safe distance from the frame. When moved to the closed position it automatically locks into place against a positive stop, yet is simply released by the press of a button when you need to open the window. For extra security our handles can be deadlocked with a key.

Available in white, black, gold, polished chrome or satin chrome all finishes meet the corrosion resistance requirements of BS EN 1670:1988.