Vertical Sliding Sash.

Much thought has gone into our new vertical sliding sash window to ensure that traditional style & character is retained. Not only do both our sashes slide up & down but both inwardly tilt for ease of cleaning & ventilation.   The beautifully sculptured frame, bead & Georgian bar of the sash window fully integrates with any other product in our range ~  so you can mix & match styles throughout your home with confidence.




Sash Locks

Secure locking both sashes securely together, white furniture is fitted as standard. Gold, chrome and Satin chrome are optionally available.





Sash horns

Originally a Victorian innovation, and seen on many box sash windows, sash horns helped shed water from the sash and covered the end grain of the wood preventing water penetration.  On our PVCu windows they are purely decorative and add additional character and authentic charm.





Sash/Child Restrictors

Sash/Child restrictors are a way of limiting the opening of the window to about 100mm (4 inches). This means that you can enjoy good ventilation at all times while also enjoying peace of mind of security. On some upstairs windows these may be mandatory (please check with your local planning authority).





Lockable Sash Restrictors

If the bottom of the windows are close to the internal floor sash restrictors ensure the windows can’t be opened fully by accident and present a fall hazard. We offer two different types of restrictor either key lockable (shown left) or the angel vent (shown above), which is self resetting. As with all our vertical sliding sash hardware, the sash restrictors can be ordered in either White, Gold, Chrome or Satin chrome finish.





Tilt-in cleaning facility

A standard feature of our sliding sash windows is the tilt-in cleaning facility. Tilting both sashes by the means of a pivot bar, allows the window to tilt so that exterior glass can be cleaned from the inside. A soft damp cloth is all it takes to maintain the frame. Built in tilt restrictors ensure the tilt mechanism works smoothly and safely.



Night Vents

These are sometimes called Trickle Vents and provide ventilation in the sash. They are available in different capacities/sizes depending on the width of the window. 2000 & 4000 (habitable rooms require capacity of 8000).



Wood grain effect

Allow you to achieve the appearance of traditional box sash wooden windows but with all the modern benefits of PVC:-

  • Low maintenance
  • Durable and long lasting finish
  • More safe and secure
  • Energy saving thermal efficient glass ‘C’ rated as standard – ‘A’ as an option



Colour combinations
In addition to our standard white or cream base we offer gorgeous wood grain finishes include Light Oak, Rosewood, White wood grain and our brand new Irish Oak. You can also choose to have standard white on the interior and any wood grain to the exterior, creating a light modern feel on the inside with a traditional look to the exterior.

Bespoke colour coating
We also offer a bespoke colour coating service which allows you to have the window coated in any colour your require. ie. Green, Grey, Black etc.